Graziella Bordignon Painter

Discover the pictorial work of Graziella Bordignon, painter and designer of horses located in Grenoble in Isère.

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I receive you by appointment in my workshop/gallery to make you discover my place of creation, as well as all of my artwork... From the smallest of my sketches to the largest of my paintings !

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Salon du cheval d'Angers

Un tout jeune salon équestre à la notoriété grandissante !

9 novembre 2024 11 novembre 2024

Parc des Expositions (Maine et Loire) Angers France

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Portrait de Graziella Bordignon, Artiste Peintre

Graziella Bordignon

Painter and illustrator

Painter for over 20 years, based in Grenoble, in Isère

From the age of 9, an unexplained fascination for horses, invaded my imagination. During summer vacation, I discover both the world of horse riding in Normandy, and Paris and its incredible museums. I spend four years at university and got a master's degree in fine arts. Horses are always well part of my life, since they live at home, next to the workshop! Since 2000, I have oriented my work almost essentially on the equestrian theme, and participates in the most prestigious fairs and international competitions. Finally my two passions are united, and it is not ready to stop! From Jaïpur to Calgary, from Dubai to Seville, from Lisbon to Miami... via the Camargue: my trips invite me to discover another approach to horse riding, to meet a breed in his cradle and the enthusiasts who give birth to it.

Symbolic Medicine®

Practitioner and member of the symbolic medicine union® (SPMS)

My detection tools are the dowsing rods (used by the dowsers). The purpose of a session is to provoke awareness in the consultant through 'symbols' that the dowsing rods point. Working in pairs, we offer care sessions in my workshop, based on physical, emotional, relational issues of the person on the appointment. The dowsing rods operate in two stages: they first bring the consultant to the awareness of the emotional node at the origin of his problem, then in a second step, they operate a quantum care of reinformation of the energetic and subtle bodies. Harmonizations of places of life, workplace, can be carried out as well as harmonious operating restorations in the rider/horse couple. In this spirit, we regularly offer with my partners, full days of care assisted by horses.

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Portrait de Graziella Bordignon, Artiste Peintre